About Transform Maharashtra

Transform Maharashtra

A sustainable change can only be brought when Government leverages the intellect and energy of the young’ – Anonymous

Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world – Roald Dahl

Since time immemorial, young men and women have spearheaded the transformational change needed in Society. Indian history provides some great examples like the pre-independence Swadeshi Movement, the JP Movement of 1970s and the India Against Corruption Movement in recent times. Without prejudice, the youth have always questioned the status quo and taken a stand on issues that matter from human rights to freedom of expression.

With the advent of increased media coverage and interaction, the means of involvement of the youth may change but the underlying intention to be the frontrunner of change for the better doesn’t. More than 35% of the population is in the active age group of 16 - 35 years who abound in ideas and suggestions for the betterment of their Nation. What is the need of the hour is a credible platform for them to share their ideas and have meaningful dialogue with the leaders and policy makers in the Government.

We, at Action for Collective Transformation, realize this is a gap and, after talks with multiple stakeholders, have designed a unique initiative, ‘Transform Maharashtra: Platform for Youth to Create a Roadmap of Developed Maharashtra by 2025’.

The campaign has 3 key initiatives – Dialogue, Plan, Action


‘Dialogues are essence of a Democracy’. The ACT team plans to hold interactive sessions with Policy makers, Key Opinion makers, Journalists, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and the Youth of the State on agendas concerning the necessary change in the State.

Plan – The Competition

‘Transform Maharashtra’ provides an opportunity to college students in Maharashtra to put their heads together and come up with policy and/or programme level solutions to 11 critical challenges being faced by the State at present. These solutions should be implementable by the Government. Read more


We believe in going one step further than dialogue and instead of just supporting and/or proposing the change, we believe we ought to ACT for the same. We will work with various Government Departments as Volunteers of Transformation and help improve governance, one idea at a time. Register yourself as a Volunteer here.